16. jaan 2015


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15. apr 2011

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Different Opinions

Flowers from a Stranger 1

Flowers from a Stranger

Morning in Savannah (140x140 cm)


Beginning of a new day.

Out of Reach?

Just start the journey!

Behind the Cross

Women and Catholic dogmas

Around the Eye

To Richard

13. veebr 2010

Behind the Cross , 4x 38x72 cm (Spain)

Being a woman in the modern world is a constant fight between the feminine existence and social pressure. The person you really are goes through a crucifiction every day.
There is so many things that one can't show even to herself but it's still all there...

14. dets 2009

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24. jaan 2009

Take me Home, 100x124 cm (Spain)

When I was in Hospital I was thinking about home. I asked my Angels to take me home. Half of them took me to the house where my children were waiting for me but the rest lifted me up to the eternal home next to God. I should never forget one or the other.

Grazy Offspring 3, 4x 41x33 cm (Spain)

The Land of Plenty, 2x 41x41 cm (sold)

Grapes: part of Spanish culture and history, ticket to happiness and long life. Looking at them makes me happy. We really have been given so much! Viva la Vendimia!

Late Harvest 1, 138x64 cm (sold)

The happiness in later years...shouldn't give up anything really...

Sundays and White Villages, 90x90 cm (sold)

Almost in Balance, 90x90 cm (Spain)

LIfe Force 1,2 , 2x 41x41 cm (sold)

LIfe Force 3, 90x90 cm (Spain)

2. apr 2008

Where are you !? 4x 80x80 cm

The next 12 paintings are part of my exhibition in Paris (Galerie Gavart, April 5-18th 2008).
The exhibition was deducated to my husband Alan who died on Christmas Day 2007.
All paintings reflect my memories I collected over the last 4 years in our Estonian farm.
The painting above also belongs to the Paris collection. It is the first one I painted after the big change.
The Paris collection (24) is in Estonia. To see all contact:

All Our Land, 30x40 cm (sold)

Early Summer Morning 1, 60x30 cm

Early Summer Morning 2, 30x30 cm (sold)

Our Sunsets 1, 62x62 cm

Our Sunsets 2, 40x60 cm

Our Sunsets 3, 67x67 cm

Fearytail in the Garden, 77x70 cm

First Apples Ready, 60x90 cm

Plans for the Bond, 6x 40x40 cm (3 of 6 are sold)

Water of Love, 120x65 cm

Shampagne in a Blue Glass, 2x 30x30 cm (sold)

The Corner Stone, 62x62 cm (sold)

28. nov 2007

Hidden Feelings, 50x180 cm (sold)

Delux 2. 6x 40x40 cm (sold)

22. nov 2007

Morning is the Best Part of the Day, 140x140 cm (sold)

Dream a Little Dream With Me, 2x 66x66 cm, Spain (sold)

We all dream about the places we have never been. One day...
How does look the reality compared to the dreams? I personally enjoy my dream-travelling a lot. Those two pictures are somthing Mediterranean. Dreams can take me to the world that doesn't exist anymore or is yet to be created. No tickets needed.

El Camino Real, 32x32...28x28....25x25...24x24 cm (sold)

The glorious change of seasons is always bewitching me. Nature, the King himself, is walking on this road shearing the beauty of the journey with us.

14. nov 2007

Forbidden City 2, 70x90 cm, Spain (sold)

This picture is probably about dreams of our perfect future. The hights of power are far away and the change comes from there. From distance everything looks better but I am not sure it's a very lovely place to be. The building on my dream landscape looks a bit like the White House. My WHite House is full of good stuff. Lets hope that so is the other one.

Delux 1, 58x28 cm, Spain (sold)

All Things Grow, 113x113 cm, Spain (sold)

30. okt 2007

Together, 70x140 cm. Spain (sold)

The everyday life...we all do our things and somtimes don't call our friends for days. I think it is because we never feel alone enough. The people are out there and when we need them they became a suportive structure around us. But is it really so? Call your friend today!

28. okt 2007

Afternoon Streets, 120x140 cm, Spain

The streets of little white villages in Spain in the heat of the afternoon Sun.

10. okt 2007

The Last Garden Party, 115x150 cm, Spain (sold)

The garden is tired. Time to leave and wait for the new season and to get ready for the next party.

11. juuni 2007

The Burning Bush 1, 102x102 cm (sold)

19. mai 2007

The Burning Bush 2, 102x102 cm (sold)

The Burning Bushes are about the discovery every person should make in life. Moses found he's way when God had a little conversation with him in form of a burning bush. There is the burning bush of inlightement for each one of us. We just have to be ready to recognise it. Good luck!

Outside Beauty, 137x50 cm (sold)

In the school I was a total outsider. I spent my childhood alone. When the horror of musthave education was finished I still felt that I don't fit in but there was all world on front of me and no school to stop me. The transformation is still going on: from beast to beauty.

Fruits for the Party, 132x70 cm

This painting I painted out of anticipation. I was really looking forward to a party. I don't actually remember the party but the day beafore is in this painting.

Travellers Morning, 54x100 cm (sold)

When travelling by roads one can see most wonderful pictures. I remember the early mornings after a night in the bus. Twisted body was not importent enough to take away the pleasure of a wonderful sight soon I opened my eyes. I know that William Turner also travelled a lot and was inspired by Sun and strange landscapes. The one I painted here is probably somthing he also noticed: a Romian bridge on Mediterranean coast.

"The Flight of Icaros" Iron Maiden, 110x110 cm. (not for sale)

The eternal circle from the years of experience and old age to the wings of the young ones. When the old man is triyng to call back the young Icaros he knows that he's own hart actually wants to fly to the Sun, too.

Frozen Bond, 100x55 cm (sold)

The winter in the soul...we need it. Soul needs some rest and even when it hurts it's needed to wake up for love and change. If there wouldn't be darkness how would we know about light?

"Middle of August", 75x180 cm. Estonia, Tallinn

Walking through the seasons as a traveller the fields next to the road change. The ripening crops in August fill my hart with cratitude. The smell of richness that Nature is ready to give for hard work can never be seen as clearly as at the end of Summer. (Painting inspired by a song from Anne Maasik)