3. veebr 2019

Unknown Waters, 55x 30 cm

Unknown Fruit, 30x30 cm

2. nov 2018


13. veebr 2010

Scandal of the Necklace, 80x50 cm (Estonia)

The French Revolution got it's last motive from a court case against Marie Antoinette. Mm La Motte faked an order of the most expensive and tasteless necklace in the world. Starving nation was up on armes and there was no going back.

14. dets 2009

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24. jaan 2009

Take me Home, 100x124 cm (Spain)

When I was in Hospital I was thinking about home. I asked my Angels to take me home. Half of them took me to the house where my children were waiting for me but the rest lifted me up to the eternal home next to God. I should never forget one or the other.

Grazy Offspring 3, 4x 41x33 cm (Spain)

The Land of Plenty, 2x 41x41 cm (sold)

Grapes: part of Spanish culture and history, ticket to happiness and long life. Looking at them makes me happy. We really have been given so much! Viva la Vendimia!

Late Harvest 1, 138x64 cm (sold)

The happiness in later years...shouldn't give up anything really...

Sundays and White Villages, 90x90 cm (sold)

Almost in Balance, 90x90 cm (Spain)

LIfe Force 1,2 , 2x 41x41 cm (sold)

LIfe Force 3, 90x90 cm (Spain)

2. apr 2008

Where are you !? 4x 80x80 cm

The next 12 paintings are part of my exhibition in Paris (Galerie Gavart, April 5-18th 2008).
The exhibition was deducated to my husband Alan who died on Christmas Day 2007.
All paintings reflect my memories I collected over the last 4 years in our Estonian farm.
The painting above also belongs to the Paris collection. It is the first one I painted after the big change.
The Paris collection (24) is in Estonia. To see all contact:

All Our Land, 30x40 cm (sold)

Early Summer Morning 1, 60x30 cm

Early Summer Morning 2, 30x30 cm (sold)

Our Sunsets 1, 62x62 cm

Our Sunsets 2, 40x60 cm

Our Sunsets 3, 67x67 cm

Fearytail in the Garden, 77x70 cm

First Apples Ready, 60x90 cm

Plans for the Bond, 6x 40x40 cm (3 of 6 are sold)

Water of Love, 120x65 cm

Shampagne in a Blue Glass, 2x 30x30 cm (sold)

The Corner Stone, 62x62 cm (sold)

22. nov 2007

Morning is the Best Part of the Day, 140x140 cm (sold)

Dream a Little Dream With Me, 2x 66x66 cm, Spain (sold)

We all dream about the places we have never been. One day...
How does look the reality compared to the dreams? I personally enjoy my dream-travelling a lot. Those two pictures are somthing Mediterranean. Dreams can take me to the world that doesn't exist anymore or is yet to be created. No tickets needed.

El Camino Real, 32x32...28x28....25x25...24x24 cm (sold)

The glorious change of seasons is always bewitching me. Nature, the King himself, is walking on this road shearing the beauty of the journey with us.

14. nov 2007

Forbidden City 2, 70x90 cm, Spain (sold)

This picture is probably about dreams of our perfect future. The hights of power are far away and the change comes from there. From distance everything looks better but I am not sure it's a very lovely place to be. The building on my dream landscape looks a bit like the White House. My WHite House is full of good stuff. Lets hope that so is the other one.